Wear masks correctly and consistently; Let air in to lessen risk of COVID transmission

BAGUIO CITY  – (5 March 2021) – City Epidemiologist Donnabel Panes reminded anew residents to keep observing the minimum public health standards (MPHS) like the correct and consistent wearing of face masks and shields, regular washing of hands, disinfecting and letting the air in in homes and offices to ward off the threat of contracting the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

“Pandemic is far from over.  We may have survived it thus far but we still have the responsibility to protect ourselves and in the process protect others by continually observing the MPHS,” Panes said.

She said adhering to the MPHS is a personal thing because the choice of observing these protocols lies on the individual and not on other people.

“I can’t wear your masks or shields for you.  I can’t even wash my hands for you.  It’s a personal responsibility but that personal responsibility has a positive impact on the people around you.  It has saved a lot of lives,” she stressed.

“Never let the virus have a foothold on you.  Every time you remove your mask, every time you attend am event, be conscious of the threat.  The thing is hindi napipili ng ilong mo kung may virus ang hangin na hinihinga mo so let us be wary,” she added.

She said it is crucial to observe the MPHS to preventing the mutation of the virus.

“We must stop its transmission to stop its mutation because as it jumps from one person to another, the more chances it has to mutate.  This is why we have the UK and African variants now because we have not stopped its transmission due to non-observance of the MPHS,” Panes said.

“So please, let the virus stop in you.  If you have symptoms, wear your mask, avoid going out, do disinfection and let air in by opening windows and doors allowing ventilation and seek medical attention,” she added. – Aileen P. Refuerzo