Road widening prioritized

Road widening prioritized

Meetings were set between and among barangay officials, the Traffic and Transport Management Division (TTMD) with private entities and establishments, for road widening endeavors.

According to TTMD head Engr. Januario Borillo, there are areas for widening confirmed through surveys and Geographic Information System (GIS) maps and could be recovered for wider barangay and national roads.   

Right now, there are road right of ways (RROW) and parking areas used exclusively by private entities, churches and academic sites which may be opened for community use, Borillo said. These shall be discussed in public consultations or scheduled meetings, he added. 

Barangay roads encroached upon and used by private individuals are being eyed for wider roads. 

Easements are also eyed for surface use as parking areas, sidewalks, utilities, and underground, for waterways and drainages, Borillo added, with proper mapping to be done. 

As such, proper coordination between public utility companies should be undertaken, Borillo further said. Green walks should also be considered in the mapping, it was known.

Subdivision plans also need to be checked, as some homeowners breached titled properties to have fenced-in extensions over supposedly road right of ways.

As to national standards, principal streets are supposed to measure 60 meters; 30 meters on both sides, from the middle line. 

Engr. Borillo urged citizens who have concerns about road widening and RROW to report to the TTMD, City Engineering Office at Lower Rock Quarry. – JGF