Motor shops commit to comply as Mayor issues ultimatum on cleanliness, oil drainage

Motor shops commit to comply as Mayor issues ultimatum on cleanliness, oil drainage

Auto and motorcycle shop committed to comply with the requirements after Mayor Benjamin Magalong issued last July 19 an ultimatum for all auto shops and car wash centers to maintain cleanliness of their work areas and to adopt measures to prevent oil and discarded substances from draining into the waterways and to the rivers.

City permits and licensing division Chief Allan Abayao said 16 establishments located at Marcos Highway, Imelda Village, Camp 7, Camp 8 and Poliwes were inspected last July 20 and advised on the requirements.

The six establishments found operating without business permits were issued notices of violation along with the advice to process their permits as soon as possible and to comply with the sanitation rules.

Those with unsanitary premises were told to immediately clean and maintain workplace cleanliness and will be subjected to constant monitoring.

The PLD stressed the need to install oil traps to catch oil and chemicals to prevent these toxic substances from draining into the city’s waterways and river tributaries as directed by the mayor.

The mayor warned said establishments to follow sanitation rules after observing the unsanitary conditions of the shops.

“Please ensure cleanliness of surroundings and install oil traps to protect our rivers and environment from contamination.  Please know that this is your final warning,” the mayor said.

He issued the same warning on April 28 last year after observing that most of the shops had turned into eyesores.

“Most are dirty, disorderly and are disposing of their toxic materials including used oil and chemicals improperly.  We should immediately address this condition,” he said. – Aileen P. Refuerzo