Baguio folk told to pay clearances, permits in barangays

Baguio folk told to pay clearances, permits in barangays

 The City Treasury Office urged residents to pay the corresponding fees for their clearances and permits in their respective barangays as part of the ongoing efforts of the local government to empower the smallest political subdivision to be active collection agents to reduce the long lines of people before the different offices just to secure their vital documents.

City Treasurer Ales Cabarrubias advised people to pay their police clearance, Professional Tax Receipt (PTR) and working permit fees in their respective barangays then claim these in the concerned city government office to ensure the speedy conduct of transactions.

Aside from the above fees, he further advised that residents can also pay their garbage fees and secure their respective community tax certificates (CTCs) or cedula in the different barangays.

Cabarrubias appealed to the people to be honest in declaring their gross income so that the barangay treasurers can accurately compute the payment for their cedula that is readily available in the barangays.

He admitted that in the past, there were even professionals who declared minimal income just for them to pay the minimal fee for their cedula.

According to him, the city government trained the barangay treasurers to determine the gross income of the individuals securing their cedula from them to avoid the under declaration of income just to escape paying the right amount for their cedula.

The city treasurer stipulated that empowering the barangays to collect the fees for police clearance, PTR. a working permit, garbage fee and cedula is part of the ongoing efforts of the city government to allow the transactions to be done in the barangays for residents not to crowd in the various offices that might cause violation of the minimum public health standards.

Cabarrubias also urged the residents to voluntarily pay their garbage fees in their respective barangays so they can contribute in the ongoing efforts to increase the city’s collection of garbage fees and sustain the city government’s garbage collection and disposal program.

He reminded that the taxes being paid by individual and corporate taxpayers is the lifeblood of the local government so residents must pay their real property and business taxes the soonest so that the city can raise the projected amount to support the implementation of its programs, projects and activities for the general welfare of the public.

Apart from its internal revenue allotment from the national government, the city also relies on the local taxes, fees and charges being levied on the various services being provided by the local government to support its annual budget. – Dexter A. See