61 Baguio schools given safety seal certificates

Some 61 public elementary and high schools were issued the coveted Safety Seal certificate by the inter-agency task force for the management of emerging infectious diseases after having complied with the stringent rules and regulations governing the government’s anti-CoronaVirus Disease (COVID) 2019 response and management.

City Schools Division Superintendent Dr. Federico Martin disclosed that of the 61 schools issued the Safety Seal certificates, 40 are elementary schools while 21 are high schools which represent 93.8 percent of the total number of schools in the city.

The education official claimed there have been no COVID-19 cases among the agency’s teaching and non-teaching personnel and students who were allowed to undergo the limited face-to-face classes as of February 20, 2022 while there were some 336 individuals from their ranks who recovered from the deadly virus.

However, he reported 5 persons died after contracting the virus during the past 2 years of the pandemic.

In terms of the vaccination of personnel, Martin reported that of the 2,449-workforce, 97.1 percent or 2,376 are already fully vaccinated. 

As of March 25, 2022, Martin revealed there are some 65 public schools and 1 private school that had been nominated by the education department to implement the limited face-to-face classes.

According to him, there were only 26 elementary and 11 secondary schools that had already started the conduct of their limited face-to-face classes in the city pursuant to the standards imposed by the education department.

Aside from the face-to-face classes being undertaken by the schools allowed to do so, Martin emphasized the education department also embarked on a continuous delegation of learning resources in all learning areas complimented by hybrid training-workshop on learning materials standards course packages.

Martin assured that the education department in coordination with the concerned government agencies and the city government continues to strictly monitor the compliance of the schools that had been permitted to conduct the limited face to face classes while efforts are also being done to ensure that the remaining number of nominated schools will start their own limited face-to-face classes in the coming weeks.

He expressed his gratitude to the concerned stakeholders, such as the barangay officials and the parents of the children who are allowed to attend the limited face-to-face classes, for their utmost cooperation to the implementation of the stringent rules and regulations governing their attendance to the face-to-face classes to prevent the occurrence of untoward incidents that may cause the students and teachers in contracting and transmitting the virus in their homes and communities. He said that all schools in the city will start their respective limited face-to-face classes as a prelude to the better situation in the conduct of classes for the upcoming school year 2022-2023. – Dexter A. See