Young Filipino Online News publisher honored as Employee of the Month at a famous Japanese Restaurant in Dubai.

Young Filipino Online News publisher honored as Employee of the Month at a famous Japanese Restaurant in Dubai.

It was a great surprise for the family of the Filipino News Sentinel that a young publisher Kaizzer Sherwin Oclaman, 27 was recognized and honored by the famous Japanese Restaurant in Dubai.

The admin of Shokudo Restaurant congratulated Kaizzer on their FB page who was announced as Employee of the Month for the month of July.

Stated,  “CONGRATULATIONS  to Sir Kaizzer, our Employee of the Month for July 2022!!!

The entire Shokudo Fam appreciates your dedication. We would want to respond by sincerely congratulating you for all that you have done to make Shokudo Japanese and Korean Restaurant a success.

You have successfully demonstrated your potential as a person. You’ve been able to do this because of your dedication and effort.

Without a doubt, we are all inspired by your work. You have shown to be a valuable asset for the Shokudo Fam as well as our valued customers.

“May you keep improving your work and broaden your horizons with us!”

Kaizzer is a hard worker and reliable in his jobs here in Baguio City. He has experience working in restaurants and stores since he graduated from high school. He prioritized working to help his brothers and sisters.

Until he was given the opportunity that his Aunt helped him to work abroad specifically in Dubai.

But before his departure, he first talked to us about establishing the Online News during the height of the pandemic caused by COVID-19, the year 2020 when it was registered with the Department of Trade and Industry and the Bureau of Internal Revenue and business permits.

It was entrusted to his father and his brothers to run it properly and as a Family Business Venture, the website needs to be maintained until the pandemic is still experienced in the country.

We would like to thank Kaizzer’s employer the owner of Shokudo Japanese and Korean Restaurant.

“It was a great feeling to receive the title of ‘Employee of the Month’ to  Kaizzer Sherwin Oclaman. Thank you for recognizing his job and well-done performance. We hope he will continue to prove himself an asset to the team. I greatly appreciate your acknowledgment of his contributions to the team and I thank you for the compliment. Greetings from the family of Filipino News Sentinel,”

Kaizzer also wanted to thank his employer.

“To my superior sirs and ma’am. Thank you for this opportunity to give me of guidance and advice you have bestowed upon me as an Employee of the Month for July. You’re the one who truly molded me into someone with valuable skills and talents. It was a privilege to work under your leadership. I hope to make you proud of my future endeavors as well. I really appreciate the award that you’ve given to me.

I also present this honor to my colleagues at work. Thank you so much.  Respectfully, Kaizzer,”    # FNS Admin