New rules in conduct of fun runs sought

New rules in conduct of fun runs sought

The City Council, during last Monday’s regular session, approved on first reading a proposed ordinance prescribing new rules and regulations in the conduct of fun runs and other races in the city.

Under the proposed ordinance authored by Councilor Levy Lloyd Orcales, it shall be a declared policy of the city government to regulate the conduct of fun runs and other races in the city to ensure the safety and security of the participants, organizers, spectators and other persons involved in the conduct of the same.

Further, it also recognizes the contribution of fun runs  and other races to the local economy of the city through recreation and sports tourism, thus, the local government, through the City Sports and Recreation Division, may extend other forms of support and assistance to organizers, race directors such as those not mentioned in the ordinance but is consistent with the City Sports Code.

The ordinance shall deal with the accreditation of organizers and race directors for fun runs and other races in the city to avoid fly-by-night schemes of unscrupulous organizers and shall also cover the city’s policy in the securing of fun run or race permit, the applicability of the environment security bond, policies on restoration of the city properties and equipment and the applicable penalties for violation of the proposed measure.

The ordinance shall also apply to all organizers of foot-related races to include, but not limited to, fun run, marathon, trail running, whether for a cause or not. It shall apply to organizers of duathlon, triathlon, bike races and other similar activities in full or in series, primarily those that can affect the regular flow of vehicular traffic and of the pedestrians.

The ordinance stipulated that accreditation shall only be applicable to Baguio-based organizers and race directors while non-Baguio organizers shall comply with the pertinent provisions of the measure.

According to the ordinance, only Baguio-based organizers and race directors shall be accredited by the local legislative body, through city council resolution, to conduct, facilitate, promote, manage, aid, or solicit attendance to any fun run and other races in the city. The organizers must submit their letter of intent with the details of the fun run or races through the Committee on Youth Welfare and Sports development. It will then be submitted to the local legislative body only then that they will receive the accreditation and authorization to organize their respective races.

The ordinance stated that the accreditation of new organizers or race directors shall be effective for one year. Accreditation for organizers or race directors who previously received accreditation from the city council shall be effective for 3 years, however, when a set of city council members is convened, all organizers and race directors shall automatically renew their accreditation. Organizer and race directors who intend to renew their accreditation must submit their accomplishment reports to the council as attachment for their renewal.

On the other hand, organizers outside the city are required to tie-up with Baguio-based organizers and race directors before they can stage an event in the city, provided that the identified Baguio-based organizers or race directors are accredited by the city government.

Violators of the ordinance shall be penalized with a fine of P3,000 and suspension for 6 months for the first offense, a fine of P4,000 and suspension for 12 months for the second offense and a fine of P5,000 and suspension for 18 months for the third offense. – Dexter A. See