International magazine names Brigada ng Ayala ‘best CSR initiative’ in the Philippines

International magazine names Brigada ng Ayala ‘best CSR initiative’ in the Philippines

Ayala group’s unified effort to support the Department of Education’s back-to-school programs was recognized by an international publication as the “best CSR initiative” in the Philippines.

Dubai-based International Business Magazine lauded Brigada ng Ayala, the group’s effort to rally its 50,000-plus-strong citizens to serve public schools through volunteerism activities. cited the Ayala group’s continuing efforts to support teachers and students in the public education system.

Spearheaded by Ayala Foundation and supported by the Ayala Group Human Resources Council and Ayala Community for Social Impact, the program is one of the expressions of the Ayala group’s continuing commitment to national development in the Philippines.

“We at Ayala Foundation are grateful for this recognition, especially because it came as we are celebrating our 60th anniversary,” said Ayala Foundation President Ruel Maranan.

“Brigada ng Ayala is our unified and sustained way of assisting our teachers and students in the public education system.

Our education programs, including Brigada ng Ayala, serve as an expression of our continuing faith in the Filipino.”

Several runs of Brigada ng Ayala were conducted in previous years. Every year, the number of supporters and participants grew.

In 2020, despite restrictions of the pandemic, Brigada ng Ayala continued to serve public schools all over the country.

Brigada ng Ayala sought to address urgent needs, including the provision of health and hygiene kits, the provision of hand-washing facilities, and access to online resources.

As of January 2021, over 258 schools have been served, reaching at least 5,600 teachers and 21,000 students, and resources valued at PhP181.5 million (US$3.7 million) have been deployed.

In addition, the Department of Education itself has officially recognized the Ayala group’s contribution.

In the last 5 years alone, the Ayala group has invested over PhP500 million (US$10.3 million) in terms of support for the public education system.

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