Don’t they deserve to be called the National Communist Terrorist Front?

The National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP), the political wing of the CPP, will mark their 48th founding day on April 24, but should there be a celebration the fact that they were already rejected by the Filipino people on the occasion of the 52nd founding day of the New People’s Army? Last month, we heard the strong voices of the Filipino people united in one message condemning not just the NPA, but the atrocities of the inseparable trio – the CPP-NPA-NDF and urged its members to abandon the armed struggle. These brave and peace loving Filipinos also expressed their desire for a lasting peace.

The truth was revealed long ago, and it is important to note that in the 2017 social weather survey, the NDF obtained a negative 10 and the CPP-NPA obtained a negative 27 rating. How about now, after they have been exposed? Is this not a huge and scathing slap to the group, having been condemned by the masses whom they draw their support? This simply proves that the communist insurgency is a lost cause and they should accept it as violence would bring no solution.

Consider the statement made by Jorge Madlos “Ka Oris”, spokesperson of NDFP-Mindanao in 2015. “NDFP played a significant role in broadening the field of operations and the wellspring of recruits of the New People’s Army and the armed struggle.” From what he said, it is clear that the primary purpose of the NDF as the political wing of the CPP-NPA is to advance the armed struggle and serve as a recruitment agency that will provide red fighters through the mass organizations of students, workers, peasants, etc. If you need more facts, simply click on their website and there you will see their member organizations.

According to the National Task Force to End Local Communist Armed Conflict (NTF-ELCAC), there are open sectoral organizations infiltrated and controlled by the CPP through their established underground mass organizations who pose as progressive groups or better known as activists across the country. However, progressive groups rebutted that this is a mere allegation and baseless, but why can’t they respond clearly to clean their names?

Therefore, the strong resolve of our government and former Cadres to debunk sectoral organizations organized by CPP-NPA-NDF is just right, timely and necessary. It is their duty and responsibility to raise public awareness of these organizations controlled by the communist terrorist group given the increasing in the data of recruited child warriors and deaths among young Filipinos during encounters, which is so alarming.

These organizations could not hide the communist terrorists’ ideology behind their flowery titles, because the people already know that this is one of their deceptive strategies, as Communism is unacceptable especially for Filipinos. It is important for the Filipino people to know that CPP-NPA-NDF is one and the same; they are inseparable and cannot be treated differently, but why NDFP was not included in the proclamation as a terrorist organization like the CPP-NPA? Don’t they deserve to be called the National Communist Terrorist Front instead of National Democratic Front?

 Erica T. Maniago