City schedules ‘Health Fair’ in Pucsusan Barangay

City schedules ‘Health Fair’ in Pucsusan Barangay

The city government will conduct a Health Fair on March 30, 9 am to 2 pm, at Pucsusan barangay hall that will offer basic necessities to the less fortunate people of the  barangay.      

Mayor Benjamin Magalong, in a letter dated 09 March 2023, requested senior agriculturist Marcelina Tabelin of the City Veterinary and Agriculture Office (CVAO) under Dr. Silardo Bested for vegetable seeds to be distributed during the activity.     

The seeds will be distributed to families in Pucsusan barangay for them to start their own urban gardens, his letter stated.      

The aim of the Health Fair is to improve the lives of around 200 underprivileged senior citizens and residents of the said barangay and aid those who are most affected by present circumstances, it added.     

“Despite the adversities that we faced in the past few years, I am amazed at the strength and resilience of the people. We have seen how individuals, families and communities have come together to support one another, even in the most challenging times. It is through this resilience that we are able to overcome the difficulties we face,” the Mayor’s letter stressed.     

Magalong asked Tabelin to coordinate with his office through Engr. Leandro Tabilog, Executive Asst. 1, regarding the planned Health Fair.      

The activity is in line with the city’s good governance thrust to expand its health and social services to its constituents. – Gaby B. Keith