City identified training grounds, routes for cyclists

City identified training grounds, routes for cyclists

City officials identified spaces for possible training ground or routes for cycling youth and other cycling athletes of the city. 

Under Resolution No. 132, series of 2022, local legislators stated that the roads along South Drive, Outlook Drive, Gibraltar, Loakan, Kennon Road and Tiptop to Beckel are suitable as training ground and routes for the cyclists and athletes while observing road and pedestrian courtesy and other applicable rules and regulations.

The council claimed that to ensure proper identification of training ground and routes for the Baguio cycling youth and other cyclists in the city, it is incumbent upon the city government to adopt measures to support the training of the said athletes in preparation for local and international sporting events such as the prestigious Batang Pinoy, Philippine National Games, duathlon, Southeast Asian Games among others.

As the city government is gearing up towards embracing cycling as one major means for active mobility and as alternative transport for the residents, the body disclosed that more youth are now being encouraged to adopt this and even excel in cycling as a sport with the possibility of representing the city in various local and international cycling events.

According to the council, the overwhelming number of city youth and athletes actively involved in cycling both as a leisure and as a sport is a clear manifestation of the growing support to alternative mobility used within strategic areas in the city that could in turn reduce carbon footprint emission in the city and at the same time promote cycling as a sport and as a healthy lifestyle.

The council explained that the motivation of the athletes to pursue their love of the said sport after 2 years of the implementation of restrictions should be complimented by the local government with different ways of assisting and ensuring proper training grounds and routes for all.Further, Alert Level 1 for the city and its neighboring towns which allows more mobility for residents and athletes alike is an opportune time for the city government to push continuous training for athletes. – Dexter A. See