Barangays urged anew to report substandard projects

BAGUIO CITY – (March 8, 2021) – Mayor Benjamin Magalong urged anew barangay officials and residents to immediately report substandard projects being undertaken in their jurisdiction to enable the city to act with dispatch to compel those involved to do corrective measures.

In a memorandum March 6, the mayor directed punong barangays to “immediately document and report substandard government-funded or government-led construction projects, works and improvements to the City Mayor (copy furnish) City Administrator’s Office.”

“This way, we can protect the interest of our barangays by ensuring that the projects

you will receive are in excellent condition and are worth the budget they are allocated. In short, nobody should be shortchanged,” the mayor said.

Last week, the mayor, City Administrator Bonifacio Dela PeΓ±a and City Engr. Edgar Olpindo brought to the attention of the Baguio City District Engineering Office a defective sidewalk improvement project along T. Alonzo St. with the mayor expressing dismay over the dismal state of the project’s workmanship.

Last year, the mayor also urged barangay captains to scrutinize projects being undertaken in their areas of jurisdiction and to immediately report if these are not up to their standard.

He directed the creation of monitoring teams and urged them to take a stand against corruption to ensure delivery of quality projects for the benefit of the community.

“If you are not satisfied, report if to us. We will take action and we will not pay them,” he said.

He said there has been a marked improvement in the quality of projects in the city since routine inspections by the city government were implemented.

However, there are still projects that are below par in quality. – Aileen P. Refuerzo/PIO Baguio