Market office on guard vs. defective weighing scales

BAGUIO CITY – (10 March 2021) – The Baguio City Market Office is continually on the lookout for defective, unsealed or uncalibrated weighing scales at the city market to protect consumers from being shortchanged by enterprising vendors.

City Market Superintendent Fernando Ragma Jr. said they are sustaining the weekly monitoring, testing and checking of weighing scales at the public market to protect the welfare of market buyers.

“Weighing found to be defective, unsealed or uncalibrated are outrightly confiscated. Those that are still working may be claimed by the owners after having them calibrated and paying fines,” he said.

At present, there are more than 1,400 seized and unclaimed weighing scales accumulated over the years deposited at the market and City Treasury Office.

Ragma said these are scheduled for destruction with the use of a road roller on March 15.

He also advised the public to avail of the services of the “timbangang bayan” installed at conspicuous places at the market for consumers to countercheck the weight of their goods.

“We have seven timbangan ng bayan stands installed in strategic places here in the market. We keep on reminding market goers to utilize our timbangan ng bayan for them to check the correct quantity of what they have bought and report to our office in case they will encounter short weight or any related problems for our appropriate and immediate action,” he said. – Aileen P. Refuerzo