48th Nutri Month launched

48th Nutri Month launched

Anchored on the theme, “New Normal Na Nutrisyon, Sama-samang Gawan ng Solusyon,” Regional Office – National Nutrition Council (NNC) Officer Bella Basalong pointed out very notable practices for nutrition specially during the city’s Covid-19 lockdowns.

Basalong was the speaker for the launching of the city’s 48th nutrition month during last Monday’s flag ceremony.

She mentioned the backyard, pot or community gardens which augmented Baguio families’ food supply for at least two years, some later turned into sustainable agricultural enterprises. For an urban area, this is well appreciated as signs of food self-sufficiency, Basalong said.

The coined words “plantitos and plantitas” were also given to whoever tends plants, be it ornamental, or greens which are the source of additional food for the table. A lesson learned though, Basalong said, is that plantitos and plantitas need to produce more organic foods in backyards or containers, so as to do away with processed food which are identified as carcinogenic, specially taken in and accumulated in large quantities. 

Community food pantries also helped financially-pressed individuals during the height of the pandemic, Basalong said. Hosted by benevolent individuals, the sharing of food fostered care, sharing and strengthened fellowship among communities.

All these practices are messages of hope after the pandemic, Basalong said. “We recover and build back through collaboration of various stakeholders for nutrition, implement the Philippine Plan of Action for Nutrition (PPAN) and ensure that services reach the most vulnerable in the community,” she added.

Raised awareness for support to recovery and immunity acquired through nutrition; stakeholders’ agreement and action on movement to new normal; engagement and contribution of Non-government Organizations (NGOs), Socio-Civic and business groups for nutrition, are among the objectives for the 48th nutrition month celebration, Basalong pointed out.

Resilience needs to be improved in individuals, families, communities and the country as we transition to the new normal; with nutrition producing antibodies for immunity to fight the Covid-19 virus, she further said.

The right proportion of nutrition also helps prevent diabetes, cancer and heart diseases; help in Covid recovery, with less symptoms, Basalong also said.

Immunization with the anti-covid vaccine should also be maximized with good nutrition, she ended.

Various activities for the celebration started on Monday, after the launching ceremonies. There were contests and challenges in cooking, fashion, tiktok, literary pieces, greening, exercises and a PPAN nutri-fair at the HSO was held. – Julie G. Fianza