2021 Best Performing Barangays honored, various socio aspects recognized

2021 Best Performing Barangays honored, various socio aspects recognized

Plaques of recognition with cash awards abound during the 2021 Best Performing barangays awarding ceremonies, afternoon of Nov. 22, at a local hotel, here.

Gathered for the occasion were the barangay awardees in their resplendent attires, Mrs. Soledad Go who represented her husband Congressman Marquez Go; Councilors Betty Lourdes Tabanda, Lilia Farinas, Jose Molintas, Leandro Yangot Jr., Michael Lawana, Arthur Allad-iw; the assessment committee from the local government unit, and other concerned offices including the Baguio City Police Office (BCPO), Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG).

Mayor Benjamin Magalong joined the event after a hectic schedule in other venues. In a profound message, he intimated that barangay officials should be capable and accountable, in addition to the observed improved and quick response in times of calamities, including during the Covid-19 pandemic. He also shared dire predictions as to calamities, services, financial difficulties, resources in the next years, for which resiliency needs to be a characteristic of barangay officials for the barangay to cope. Good governance with an unshakeable purpose also needs to be a legacy which barangay officials should pass on to the next generation of leaders, for a better Baguio, the mayor said.

The wife of Congressman Go, Soledad Go, also gave warm congratulations to the awardees, saying the barangay officials are the “best barometer” of their barangay, and that their hard work and commitment are best recognized today. “You best serve as your constituents’ hope, best example and inspiration, ” Go said.

The ten sectoral champions were given P40,000 each; P20,000 was given to the first runner-ups and P15,000 for the second runner-ups.

The Large, Medium, Small and Micro cooperative awardees, however, were not accorded any cash awards.

For the Best in Lupong Tagapamayapa incentive award (LTIA); Palma-Urbano garnered the top award, followed by AZCKO and Burnham-Legarda barangay, as first and second-runner-ups, respectively.      

Bakakeng Central is top barangay in the Peace and Order category, followed by Burnham Legarda and MRR Queen of Peace as first and second runner-up, respectively.

Middle Quezon Hill garnered the Best in Nutrition award, with Atok Trail and Lourdes Proper as first and second runner up, respectively.  

Aurora Hill Proper topped the Best in Health category with Atok Trail as first runner-up and Middle Quirino Hill as second runner up.

For the Best in Sanitation category, Middle Quezon Hill emerged as champion, DPS barangay was second runner up and Malcolm Square was third runner-up.

Middle Quezon is top Persons with Disability (PWD)-friendly barangay, with Kias and Bakakeng Norte as first and second runner-up, respectively.    

South Sanitary Camp is champion in Womens’ Organization category with Sto. Tomas Proper and Holyghost proper, as first and second runner-up, respectively.  

Irisan is top in Senior citizens organizations, with Mines View and Outlook Drive as first and second runner-up respectively.

Child-friendly barangays are Middle Quezon hill, Upper Rock Quarry and Lourdes Extension as champion, first and second runner-up respectively.

Hillside, Scout Barrio and Palma-Urbano garnered the Environmental (Clean and Green) award, as champion, first and second runner up, respectively.    

For the cooperative awards, San Vicente Poliwes Camp 8 Transport Cooperative (SVPCTC), Online Community Credit Cooperative and Pagoda Transport Service Cooperative are champion, first and second runner-up in the micro cooperative category.

For the small cooperative; Balacbac Proper Multi-Purpose Cooperative, Kaaruba Transport Service Cooperative and Light Bearer Transport Multi-Purpose Cooperative are champion, first runner-up and second runner-up respectively.

In the Medium Cooperative category, The Baguio City Government Employees Multi-purpose Cooperative (BCGEMPC) are the champion, with the Cordillera Administrative Region Credit Cooperative (CARCC) and the Baguio Benguet Transport Cooperative as first and second runner-ups.    

The Texins Multi-purpose cooperative emerged as the Best in Large cooperatives; with the BARP multi-purpose cooperative and the BAMAPCOM Entrepreneurs Multi-Purpose cooperative as first and second runner-ups, respectively.

The search for the Best Performing Barangays in the city is institutionalized in Ordinance 53, series of 2018, with funding through the Special Services Division – CMO, and the composition of the awards committee as follows: Chair, City mayor; Co-chair, DILG; Secretariat, SSD; and members from different agencies.

The criteria for judging is sound barangay financial administration, social protection and services, disaster preparedness, environmental management, business friendliness and competitiveness, peace and order, citations, awards and other recognition by duly authorized bodies in the local, national or international level, and confirmation of impact from resident-beneficiaries of programs or success stories. – JGFianza