21 May 2021 – The city through the Health Services Office (HSO) continues to vaccinate citizens to achieve herd immunity against Covid-19.

The city utilizes four vaccination sites: the University of Baguio (UB) gym, Saint Louis University (SLU) gym, High School Saint Louis Inc. (Center), and SM parking area.    

On said date, there are 12,538 health workers (A1 priority list) or 96.05% vaccinated for the first dose from the target population of 13, 053 and 6,799 (54.23%) for the second dose.

For the senior citizens (A2 priority list), there were 10,998 or 50.61% vaccinated for the first dose, and only 18 (0.16%) for the second dose. The city has counted 21,732 senior citizens primed for vaccination.

Data for immunized senior citizens on May 11, 12 and 14 are the following: 1,234; 428 and 6 respectively for the first dose of Sinovac; with only 10 vaccinees for the second dose on May 10, for a total of 1,678. As to brand vaccinated on senior citizens, AstraZeneca registered 1,296 on May 12, and 2,238 jabs on May 14 for a total of 3,534; for the first dose. There still is no recorded second dose for senior citizens for AZ vaccine. Senior citizens vaccinated for the first dose (for both brands) is 5,202 while only 10 has Sinovac as second dose.                       

The latest statistics is a concurrence of personnel from the Department of Health and the Health Services Office (HSO) including Physician Khecy Manuel-Colas, Risk Management Officer Cecil Agpawa as supervised by HSO head Rowena Galpo.

Coordination meetings are done after every vaccination session, with representatives from each site.

For the A3 priority or persons with comorbidities (18-59 years old), there are 6,500 target individuals; with 2,164 or (33.29%) jabbed with the first dose, and 1,365 (63.08%) immunized with the second dose.

As to the utilization rate per vaccination brand used, there is an overflow of Sinovac as 15,639 were vaccinated for first dose as against the projected 15,055 or 103.88% accomplishment, and 7,746 jabbed with the target population of 15,065 or an accomplishment of 51.42%.   

As for AstraZeneca, 10,071 were vaccinated for the first dose, 84.28% of the 11,950 expected population; and 436 or 11.38% for the second dose from the target population of 3,830.

Figures for the vaccinated population of the first three groups are being validated by personnel from the HSO and the DOH. – Julie G. Fianza with reports from the Health Services Office vaccination validation