September is Baguio City’s deadliest month of the pandemic

September is Baguio City’s deadliest month of the pandemic so far, chalking up the highest Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) death toll at 136.

Data from the UP Baguio Department of Mathematics and Computer Science and the Baguio City Health Services Office showed that the city recorded its second and third highest numbers of fatalities in April and May with 85 and 53, respectively.

It was in these months that the city experienced its third peak in cases as driven by the Alpha and Beta variants, according to City Health Officer Dr. Rowena Galpo.

The present surge, believed to be propelled by the more contagious Delta variant, is the city’s fourth peak.

Galpo said the city had its first two case leaps in September 2020 and in January this year.

But the Delta-driven swell is so far the highest surpassing the levels of all the past peaks on all accounts.

The city’s total mortality record per month as per the UPDMCS and CHSO data follows:


March – 1

April – 0

May – 0

June – 1

July – 1

August – 6

September –  2

October – 16

November – 13

December – 26


January – 27

February – 12

March – 23

April – 85

May – 53

June – 17

July – 26

August – 37

September – 136.

– Aileen P. Refuerzo