23 June 2021 – “We need your help.  We need your help.”

This was the emphatic plea of Mayor Benjamin Magalong to the city’s barangay captains during their meeting, June 22, at the Baguio Convention Center presided by councilor Michael Lawana, Association of Barangay Councils – Baguio president and assisted by special services division head Noel Mabutas.

As the Summer Capital continues to grapple with the ongoing coronavirus disease 2019 and its variants, he asked village heads to strictly enforce the adherence to minimum public health standards (MPHS) in their respective barangays as this will greatly protect individuals from getting infected by and spreading the virus.

These protocols are frequent washing of hands; proper use of face masks and face shields; and practicing social distancing.

He said that instead of face masks made of cloth, medical grade face masks should instead be used for greater protection against the disease.  If one insists on using cloth masks, then this should be paired with a medical grade mask.

The Mayor warned that several cases infected with the deadlier and more infectious Delta (Indian) variant have already been detected in the country by the Department of Health thus, necessitating the importance of MPHS adherence and preparations for proactive measures against the latest covid-19 variant including stricter border controls.

He ordered them to encourage their constituents to have themselves fully vaccinated and if possible, see to it that all senior citizens in their barangays are registered at so they can be jabbed with life-saving vaccines since they belong, along with those with co-morbidities, to the sectors most vulnerable to the virus.

Those who have already gotten their first dose of vaccine shot should also make sure that they receive their second dose at the scheduled date for greater efficacy of the vaccine.

Village officials, he said, should inform the Health Services Office (HSO) about seniors who are bed-ridden or are unable to visit vaccination sites so the city’s mobile vaccination teams can inoculate them at their homes.

On reports that non-residents are allegedly getting vaccinated in the city’s inoculation sites using falsified documents, the Mayor requested barangay heads to cooperate with police authorities in monitoring and identifying these scalawags so that appropriate legal actions can be taken against them.

After the meeting, the Mayor, toured the village heads to the Smart City Command Center at the Baguio Convention Center basement whose first phase is targeted to be finished this September. – Gaby B. Keith