Local runner recognized for completing 127th Boston Marathon

Local runner recognized for completing 127th Boston Marathon

City officials recently congratulated and commended Marissa Cabasoy Cayowet for successfully completing the 127th Boston marathon this year.

In a resolution, local legislators stated that as a sports and recreation hub, the city government proudly recognizes the pride and honor brought by Cayowet after having completed the 127th Boston marathon as this serves as motivation and encouragement in the field of international competitions.

Earlier, the 127th Boston marathon organized by the Boston Athletic Association was held last April 17, 2023 with a point-to-point route from Rural Hopkinton to Boston, Massachusetts.

Some 30,000 runners and athletes from around the world joined the prestigious running event after passing the qualifying time required by the race officials.

Cayowet, who is from Guisad Central and Pinget, Baguio City, was among the successful finishers of the 26.2-mile marathon in 3 hours 41 minutes and 33 seconds.

Copies of the approved resolution will be furnished Cayowet for her information, guidance and ready reference. – Dexter A. See