Development of new business districts in city pushed

Development of new business districts in city pushed

City officials urged the City Planning and Development Office (CPDO) to consider in its review and update of the Comprehensive Land Use Plan (CLUP) of the city the decongestion of the central business district and the development of new business districts in the different parts of the city. 

Under Resolution No. 534, series of 2021, signed by Mayor Benjamin B. Magalong, local legislators stated establishing commercial districts in the outskirts of the already congested central business district can greatly help ease and solve heavy traffic, pollution, garbage and such other problems, like limited access of public utility vehicles due to congested spaces, roads and alleys getting narrowed and sidewalks occupied or used by other activities. 

At present the CPDO is reviewing and updating the city’s CLP to make it more responsive and appropriately address pressing issues and concerns towards proper and ideal land utilization and sustainable development because of the city’s limited land area.

The council admitted that the city is currently experiencing a rise in construction and development, particularly in the central business district resulting to a more crowded district that may render public facilities like roads, water supply, green spaces and other public amenities insufficient that could cause more serious problems for the city government in the future.

According to the body, there is a need for a serious central business district decongestion plan and developmental plan for new commercial areas along the major road arteries outside the central business district that would be greatly beneficial to the city, including the neighboring municipalities and provinces which are the city’s partners in its economic and social development.

Earlier, the CPDO conducted a series of consultations with the concerned sectors on the proposed revision and updating of the CLUP to conform with the prevailing situation in the city to prevent the further congestion of the central business district area.

Under the pertinent provisions of the Local Government Code of the Philippines, every local government is mandated to formulate their respective CLUP that will serve as a basis in the implementation of development projects beneficial in spurring the economic and social development of various localities in the different parts of the country.

After the review and updating of the CLUP, this will be transmitted to the City Council for the approval of the ordinance which will also be transmitted to the Housing Land Use Regulatory Board (HLURB) for confirmation. 

The CLUP will be the basis for the city government in ascertaining the potential growth areas in the different parts of the city to ensure the balance in the implementation of development projects to sustain the city’s growth and development beneficial in maintaining quality of life of residents.

The city’s latest CLUP was approved several years ago and is due for updating to make it relevant to the current situation and needs to guarantee the balance in the implementation of the development projects and the efforts to preserve and protect the environment. — Dexter A. See