Denguerra Friday

Denguerra Friday

The month of July started with Barangay officials spearheading Denguerra (war against Dengue) Friday last week, intensively overturning and removing water-retaining containers, receptacles and plants.

Denguerra is implemented in all barangays with the participation of the community, city hall employees and volunteers with emphasis on the 39 with clustering of cases: Bakakeng Norte, Irisan, Bakakeng Central, Loakan proper, SLU-SVP, San Luis Village, Lucnab, Asin road, Kias, Pinget, Camp 7, Gibraltar, San Vicente, Aurora Hill South Central, St. Joseph Village, Pacdal, Pinsao Proper, Fairview village, Dontogan, Pinsao Pilot Project;

Trancoville, Outlook drive, Sto. Tomas Proper, Quirino Magsaysay, Ambiong, Guisad central, Lower Rock Quarry, Balsigan, Country Club Village, City Camp proper, Happy Hallow, Lower Quirino Hill, Malvar-Floresca, Guisad Surong, Ferdinand Happy Homes, Victoria Village, P. Burgos, Slaughter house, and Engineers Hill.

As to culled data since 2002, a cyclic epidemic occurs with cases rising every four years, and later every three years. In 2002, there were 77 cases, 2003 – 343, 2004 – 250, 2005 – 397, 2006 – 927, 2007 – 468, 2008 -366, 2009 – 308, 2010 – 1191, 2011 – 480, 2012-715 and 2013 a meteoric rise to 1,866 cases. A year later in 2014, cases were down to only 373, in 2015 there were 1,688 and in 2016, an increase to 2,808 cases.

In 2017, cases were down to 934, 2018 – 1,393; 2019 – 1,136; 2020 – 1,491; 2021 – 1,938, with 706 cases as of June 30, 2021.

Reporting of cases has improved as 15 private laboratories share their data since last April, City Epidemiology and Surveillance Unity (CESU) head Dr. Donna Tubera-Panes disclosed in the recent management committee meeting.

According to the Health Services Office (HSO) Sanitary Division head Engr. Charles Carame, a rise in cases is foreseen in July, with the onset of the rainy season, and as to the cyclic epidemic phenomenon. To avert such occurrences, Oplan Taob and Denguerra, with intensive house to house search and destroy operations are utilized, Engr. Carame said.

From the regional data for Jan 1 to June 18, 2022; cases are on the rise; with the provinces of Apayao, Baguio, Benguet and Ifugao above epidemic threshold. Kalinga and Mt. Province are not included, though as a whole, the Cordillera administrative region is 289% above the epidemic threshold.

Data for the country shows that from January to May 2022 there were 27,686 cases with 150 deaths; while the same period last year yielded 27,464 cases. Singapore also has 11,674 cases from Jan. to end of May 2022; a 423% increase from the 2,757cases during the same period last year.

Local, regional, national and out of the country quantitative and qualitative data indicate the need for aggressive prevention of mosquitoes to mature and lay more eggs, thus clean-ups, Oplan Taob and Denguerra. – Julie G. Fianza