Council: Baguio In My Pocket registration should be voluntary

BAGUIO CITY  –  The city councilors in a resolution have requested the executive department to consider making the Baguio in My Pocket (BIMP) registration optional to those who intend to enter and transact business at the City Hall.

Councilor Arthur Allad-iw, main author of the resolution, said the abrupt implementation of the mandatory BIMP registration at the City Hall is disadvantageous to a number of people.

Allad-iw claimed inconveniences such as nonfamiliarity to technology and long queues at the registration area have prevented some people from entering the City Hall resulting in non-completion of or delayed transactions.

While recognizing the “noble” purpose of the program, Allad-iw asserted that residents who intend to enter the City Hall should not be compelled to go through the registration process so as not to cause disruption in their transactions.

“The BIMP should be a continuing program of the city where residents are well-informed of its benefits so that people are encouraged to register,” Allad-iw said

Philip Puzon, Chief-of-Staff of the Mayor’s Office, informed the council during a regular session that the barangay officials in the city were urged to “embrace” the BIMP following the successful pilot project in Irisan which has registered one third of its population as of October 2020.

The BIMP project aimed at delivering frontline services to people using a mobile application was developed and introduced by Information Technology Business Solutions (IBTS). A memorandum of agreement between the city government and IBTS was signed in July 2020. -Jordan G. Habbiling