City speeds up titling of existing properties

City speeds up titling of existing properties

The city government will be fast tracking the titling of city-owned lots to ensure that such properties will be protected from informal settlers and allow the city to maximize the potentials of the said properties.

Mayor Benjamin B. Magalong requested the City General Services Office (GSO) to ensure the city-owned properties are issued titles by the concerned government agencies the soonest to allow the city to protect its properties and maximize its potentials to generate income for the city.               

The titling of city-owned properties has been one of the major activities of the local government over the past several years that resulted to the issuance of titles by the Registry of Deeds for some key city properties such as the different district health centers, the lot occupied by the City health Services Office (CHS), the area occupied by the City Hall, among others.               

For their part, City General Services Officer Eugene Buyucan stated that his office is doing its best to fast track the ongoing titling of a number of city-owned properties pursuant to directives from the city chief executive.               

He claimed that the titling of city-owned lots will allow the city government to maximize their potentials for generating additional revenues to enhance the delivery of basic services and implement desired development projects that will further improve the status of the city.             

While it will take some time to process the titling of city-owned properties because of the numerous processes involved and the required documents, the general services officer assured concerned stakeholders that his office is closely monitoring the developments and updates on the properties that had already been submitted for the issuance of titles in the name of the local government.               

According to him, it will be best that the city government possess the titles over its properties located inside and outside the city so it can implement its plans over these that will ensure their protection from informal settlers and allow their maximum use that will be beneficial both to the city and its constituents.

He admitted there are many individuals and groups that are interested to partner with the city government for the use of available city-owned properties located within high density areas but the city cannot command a better deal for these because of the absence of the required documents showing that the city really owns the properties that are being eyed for development, among other business-related activities.               

Buyucan underscored the city government will be in a better position to dictate the terms of future agreements with interested partners once the titles covering the said properties shall have been released by the Registry of Deeds indicating that the said areas are really in the name of the city so that there will be no other questions that will be raised in terms of ownership. – Dexter A. See