City calls for volunteer vaccinators

BAGUIO CITY (28 January 2021) – The city is calling on medical professionals to extend their services by being part of the vaccination teams that will be organized by the local government for the roll out of the government’s mass vaccination program.

City Health Officer Dr. Rowena Galpo urged medical doctors to enlist themselves with the City Health Services Office for them to be assigned specific functions in the vaccination teams that will aggressively implement the mass vaccination program in the city’s barangays to help in achieving the desired her immunity of the populace.

She told medical doctors during the recently concluded health summit that their services in the vaccination teams are badly needed as they will be assigned a persons responsible for the after effect following immunization where their expertise are required.

The city health officer claimed that after a person will be immunized, he or she will be asked to stay for at least 30 minutes to undergo the required observation by the assigned physicians for any after effect of the vaccine that will be injected to him or her.

The local government is organizing some 85 teams that will be deployed in the different parts of the city for the implementation of the government’s mass vaccination program. Each of the teams will be composed of 6 members such as recorders, vaccinators, after effect following immunization personnel among others.

According to her, the vaccination can be done in the City Health Services Office, district health centers, private clinics and other health facilities in the city for the immediate cascading of the vaccines to the city’s populace who are qualified to be vaccinated.

Earlier, the city announced that it will be procuring from Astra Zenica some 390,000 does of the COVID-19 vaccine for the immunization of some 190,000 residents who are qualified to be vaccinated for the realization of the herd immunity of the population.

Aside from the vaccines that will be procured by the local government, the city stands to get from the national government its allocation of vaccines since Baguio City is one of the priority areas for the roll out of the vaccination program being one of the highly urbanized and populated cities in the country.

Further, the local business sector also committed to donate to the local government a substantial volume of the vaccines that companies will be purchasing for the vaccination of their employees to ensure their continuous operations in the city.

Galpo stipulated that the organization of the vaccination teams is underway in time for the arrival of the vaccines procured by the city by the first quarter of the year so that the immunization could already be rolled out to the priority sectors pursuant to the guidelines issued by the inter-agency task force for the management of emerging infectious diseases.

The medical officer urged the various societies of medical professionals in the city to help in the effective and efficient roll out of the mass vaccination program in the city once the vaccines will be available to help convince the qualified individuals to be vaccinated and be spared from contracting the deadly virus that might eventually compromise their health condition as well as the members of their families. – Dexter A. See