City ascertains site for P50M Irisan barangay hall

BAGUIO CITY  – (March 02)  – The site within the city’s socialized housing project in barangay Irisan is suitable for the proposed construction of the P50 million Irisan barangay hall affected by the ongoing road widening project of the public works department.

However, City Building Official Arch. Johnny Degay reported that barangay officials want the city government to consider their proposed alternative site for the project to ascertain which among the available sites will be most acceptable to the beneficiary barangay before pursuing the implementation of the multi-million barangay hall project.

Earlier, technical personnel of various offices of the city government conducted an ocular inspection in the two sites being proposed where the Irisan barangay hall will be constructed and it was ascertained that the site within the Luneta Terraces project of the city will be the most feasible site for the aforesaid project.

City Administrator Bonifacio dela Pen֮a said that the memorandum of agreement between the city government and the public works department for the downloading of the P50 million purposely for the project to the city was already signed and ready for transmittal to the agency to facilitate the immediate transfer of the funds.

He claimed that the City Buildings and Architecture Office (CBAO) should finalize the plans of the project if the alternative site will not have an affect to the footprint of the proposed building so that the available funds will already be downloaded to the city in time for the implementation of the project as soon as the site shall have been finalized.

The Irisan barangay hall is one of the 3 barangay halls being built by the city government in coordination with the public works department after funds for the said structures were sourced out from the national government. The other 2 barangay halls that commenced construction are located in barangays Bakakeng Central and Quirino Hill.

The existing Irisan barangay hall located along Naguilian road will be demolished as it is  affected by the ongoing widening projects of the public works department being on the road-right-of-way of the national road.

The city administrator said that once the funds are downloaded to the city government and the plans shall have been finalized, the project will be subjected to public bidding.

The barangay hall will be a multipurpose center for the largest barangay in the city as it could also accommodate the extension offices of some city government departments, conference halls that could be used for public and private gatherings that could be rented out to help generate internal resources for the barangay among others.

Dela Pen֮a expressed optimism that there will be no more problems on the site of the project so that the city government can proceed with its implementation for the barangay to have a modern facility that will cater to the needs of the residents. – Dexter A. See