“Bukas-Kotse” Incident Caught in CCTV

BAGUIO CITY – The quick response and familiarity of Baguio City Police Office (BCPO) personnel with its area of responsibility led to the successful arrest of an alleged “bukas kotse” suspect and the recovery of the victim’s belongings on the morning of February 6, 2021.

According to the City Director of Baguio CPO, PCOL ALLEN RAE F CO, CCTV footages from the BCPO Command Center helped the BCPO personnel to recognize the suspect since he was been apprehended in the past for the same nature of crime. Immediately, personnel conducted a hot pursuit operation which led to the arrest of the suspect identified as Ellie Viloria Enrique at his residence in Crystal Cave, Baguio City

According to the complainant Cristobal Cayabyab Millare, he parked his car at the parking lot of Justice Hall, Baguio City, and went to the City market to attend to his business. When he went back to retrieve his car, he was surprised to see the right-side window at the back of his car broken and his bag is missing

In the course of the operation, responding personnel were able to recover the victim’s missing black Nike bag pack containing his black/red Bridgestone jacket, black Puma jacket, and his Chicago bull cap.

The arrested suspect was under the custody of BCPO and filing of a case is being prepared against him. ###