BBM TIGERS CAR First Regional Meeting and Orientation

BBM TIGERS CAR First Regional Meeting and Orientation

The Brotherhood of Brave Maharlikan Tigers. headed by DIR.  NICKY ASUNCION OLLER Region 1 Chairman of BBM-TIGERS, and newly appointed Climate Change Commission Auxiliary Group Provincial Chairman, La Union Prime Eagles Club (LUPEC) President, Director of Poro Point Management Corporation, Region 1 Chairman of BBM-TIGERS, by Commissioner Musang Albert Dela Cruz is BBM-TIGERS National Chairman with Tonyboy Tabora.

New Chairman of BBM TIGERS CAR, and Kuya  Musang  Carlos C. Meneses – SEC BBM TIGERS CAR held at Country Club BCC, September 16 2022 with  National Officers. VP Apo Musang Ed Maniti, EVP Musang Abel Macarimpas, VP Internal Affairs Jerry Ponce, Musang VP Banjo Espiritu, and  New Chairman of Baguio Musang Tonyboy Tabora, and  R-1 Vice Chair Kuya Musang Romel Cuison,  Tiger Carlos C. Meneses.

The organization aims to promote camaraderie among Filipinos worldwide and help promote initiatives to reduce our carbon footprint to net zero to mitigate the effects of climate change,  encouraging everyone to promote at least one hundred trees every year, collect five kilos of plastic garbage every month and also help improve the lives of our brothers suffering from extreme poverty and alleviate their pain.

Today, we welcome you to be part of the movement. Be a climate change champion and let us all provide a good future for all our children. We start in our own backyard, community, country, and the world.

Tigers, it is time to roar for the best life we can ever have in harmony with a clean and prosperous nature. —- Tiger Carlos C. Meneses


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