6-months amnesty for electrical connections okayed

BAGUIO CITY – (05 May 2021) – The city is now providing relief in the issuance of certificate of final electrical inspection (CFEI) or certificate of electrical inspection (CEI) for electrical service connection for a period of six months.

Under Ordinance No. 54, series of 2021, the 6-month amnesty shall be applicable to the various building structure categories such as all existing residential dwellings with build tax declarations and agricultural structures, particularly sheds, barns, hatcheries, stables, greenhouse, granaries and silos.

However, the amnesty shall not be applicable to structures built within forest and watershed reservations in the city; those with pending demolition orders or whose buildings or structures were once demolished in the same place and structures on waterways, road-right-of-way and declared high risk areas.

Applicants for the issuance of issuance of certificate of final electrical inspection or certificate of electrical inspection by the City Buildings and Architecture Office (CBAOO) for electrical service connections are required to submit their electrical plans duly signed and sealed by a licensed professional electrical engineer and certified to be compliant with the Philippine Electric Code; proof of ownership of the structure or building like deed of sale, waiver, tax declaration of building or authorization from registered or declared building owner; certificate of non-tax delinquency of the building or certificate of exemption from payment of real property tax; barangay certificate attesting that the applicant is a bonafide resident of the barangay and application by representative shall submit pertinent documents such as original notarized letter  of authorization or special power of attorney; photo copy of the notarized contract of lease or agreement if applicable and photo copy of any document showing proof of relationship of the representative to the principal property owner.

Among the guidelines for the aforesaid amnesty include application for electrical service connection shall be filed with the CBAO; the CBAO shall determine if the building does not fall under the prohibitions, otherwise, the application shall be denied and returned to the applicant; the CBAO shall evaluate the submitted documents required under the ordinance and if the documents are complete and the plan is compliant with the pertinent provisions of the Philippine Electric Code, CFEI or CEI whenever is applicable shall be accomplished and the electrical fees computed; applicant shall pay the recommended fee and may receive corresponding official receipt from the City Treasury Office; applicant shall submit official receipt and copy of the accomplished CFEI or CEI to CBAO; the CBAO shall review and approve the same and the applicant, upon recording of the documents by the CBAO, receives the CFEI or CEI.

The ordinance stated that its enactment shall not mean condonation of the structures built in violation of Presidential Decree (PD No. 1096 or the National Building code and other related laws, rules and regulations. The CBAO and other concerned agencies shall not be prevented from demolishing said structures based on lawful grounds.

The ordinance was signed by Mayor Benjamin B. Magalong and shall take effect after the same shall be posted in the conspicuous places in the city. – Dexter A. See