Worldwide monkeypox cases decrease

Worldwide monkeypox cases decrease

Global reports on monkeypox show a slow tapering of cases this month, from the spike of 1,000 daily confirmed cases experienced in August this year.

This was reported by City Health Services Office head Dr. Rowena Galpo during the management committee meeting last week. 

From May 12, 2022 up to Sept. 16, a total of 61,282 monkey cases worldwide have been confirmed, with twenty (20) deaths recorded.

Reports also show that 103 countries, heavily concentrated in the USA and Europe, have confirmed cases; with the Philippines having four cases.

From the four unidentified patients; three have travel histories, were isolated, have recovered and released from isolation. The fourth case had no travel history recorded, but was thoroughly contacted with the possibility of local transmission, it was known. 

According to Dr. Galpo, transmission of the monkeypox may be through physical contact with an infected person, contact with contaminated items such as beddings and towels, and respiratory droplets from a patient.

Precautionary measures same as with Covid-19 should be practiced in the home and workplaces: physical distancing, proper use of facemasks, frequent handwashing and air circulation, Dr. Galpo said.

Individuals experiencing symptoms such as fever and chills, swollen lymph nodes, exhaustion, muscle pain and backache, headache and the appearance of pimples/blisters should immediately contact medical authorities, she added. – JGF