Wearing of Face Shield still required sans Ordinance

BAGUIO CITY – (15 March 2021) – Wearing of face shield is still required for all persons in Baguio going outside their residences during the State of Public Health Emergency and until the threat of Coronavirus disease 2019 is eliminated.

Baguio City officials held in abeyance the implementation of Ordinance Numbered 27, series of 2021, known as the “Baguio Face Mask and Face Shield Ordinance and the Regulation of Indiscriminate Disposal of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in the City of Baguio” pending clarification of some provisions.

While this is being resolved, wearing of face shield over face mask is still required as mandated by Mayor Benjamin B. Magalong in Executive Order No. 126, series of 2020.

The mayor’s EO requires the use of face shields in public markets, supermarkets, groceries, malls, shopping centers and government offices as well as when inside public transportation vehicles.

Provisions of the ordinance that need to be resolved are on the exemptions stated in Section 3 where face mask and face shield may temporarily be removed for instances – when a person is engaged in some intensity activities like brisk walking, jogging, running, Zumba, and other forms of physical exercises; and when in a room with proper ventilation.

Face shield was defined in the ordinance as a transparent physical barrier made of plastic or acetate material that can be easily disinfected that cover the sides and length of the wearer’s entire face. The panel of the shield should extend past the chin and curve around the sides of the wearer’s face.

Violators will be fined P500 on first offense; P1,000 on second offense; and, P2,000 on third offense including cancellation of business permit if applicable.

If the violator is a minor, the accompanying parent or guardian shall be assessed the corresponding fine.

All public transportations shall comply with the “no face mask and no face shield, no ride” policy.

Transacting business with any person not wearing face mask and face shield in public markets, supermarkets, groceries, malls, shopping centers, and government offices in Baguio is prohibited. Face shield requirement applies to all private establishments to include banks.

For employees, workers or personnel within establishments and offices, they may momentarily remove their face shield where the conduct of work does not involve face to face or person to person interaction with clients, customers, visitors or co-employees and provided that social distancing is observed and/or the presence of plastic barriers between transacting parties.

The ordinance also prohibits individuals from hoarding, profiteering or manipulating process of face mask and face shield as well as indiscriminate disposal of used and damaged face mask and face shield, gloves and tissues or any fabric used in cleaning face shield.

To reduce transmission during solid waste collection, used face mask and face shield should be sealed in a separate container and properly labeled as “Used Face Mask/Shield.” – Jessa P. Samidan