TESDA graduates to be employed by the LGU Baguio soon

TESDA graduates to be employed by the LGU Baguio soon

LOAKAN- Baguio City Mayor Benjamin B. Magalong paid a visit to the TESDA CAR Regional Director Dante J. Navarro today to check the status of TESDA CAR during the General Community Quarantine (GCQ) and to discuss the massive employment that will require TESDA graduates soon.

He urged RD Navarro to tell all the students to register to the Baguio in my Pocket for faster Contact Tracing.

“All the students going in your school should register to the Baguio in my Pocket. Dati po we used the Stay Safe pero nag shi-shift na po kami ngayon sa Baguio in my Pocket”, he said.

“This is a complete solution, you can transact with the government, nandiyan lahat ng government ano, pwede rin business assessment, dito ka na rin magbabayad, tapos 911 and e-wallet. Eventually ang gagawin namin magiging cashless transactions na ang Baguio City”, he added.

Both heads agreed to install a QR code for TESDA CAR and LGU Baguio as part of the additional GCQ restrictions in Baguio City.

Mayor Magalong also mentioned the Smart City Command Center that is used by the LGU to improve services in Baguio. He said that this is equipped with CCTVs to gather and analyze data.

He informed RD Navarro that the 2nd Intermodal Transport Terminal that covers 5 hectares will be opened soon in Baguio. The area will be having multi-level parking and will be using e-buses in and outside Baguio.

“Malaki ang employment requirement natin for skilled workers once we are back for the New Normal, we are putting up the 2nd Intermodal Transport Terminal next to the PITX in Parañaque”, he said.

Mayor Magalong also enumerated the upcoming projects next year that will require massive employment especially for construction labor such as the 3 billion worth Shoring system, the 390 million worth of ongoing mute convergence center and 100 million worth rehabilitation for the Athletic bowl.

“Malaki ang requirement namin sa workforce. Kailangan ngayon ng skills set nila (TESDA graduates),” he said.

He also mentioned the existing Smart City Command Center will be integrated in the Smart Mobility System which has a larger scope and will use a 30 meters LED wall.

“So may ipapatayo tayo doon na isa we will require maraming employment. We are going to modernize yung aming market that is 6 billion projects which will be undertaken next year,” he said.

Mayor Magalong also expressed his interest in the Contact Tracing program of TESDA and requested RD Navarro to deploy TESDA contact tracers soon for their OJT.

“Gusto ko yung contact tracing training nio kasi mas deep. Kaya iyon ang kailangan namin, may mga projects kaming malalaki, these are all strategic projects so we need labor,” he added.

TESDA will coordinate with PESO Baguio regarding the pooling of manpower of TESDA graduates. ###