Singing of Baguio anthems in all programs ordered

The city council, in a resolution, has mandated the singing of the Baguio March and Baguio Hymn in all activities conducted in the city.

The resolution was signed by Mayor Benjamin Magalong on March 15, 2021.

The resolution stated that the singing of Pambansang Awit or the Ang Bayan Kong Pilipinas shall be included in all activities such as but not limited to:

flag raising; programs or functions of the City Government of Baguio and of the barangays; programs or activities initiated, sponsored, or coordinated by or with the City Government of Baguio; programs, celebrations, or activities initiated or coordinated by accredited and city-registered non-government organizations and civic orientated groups; every sign-on or sign-off of all media stations; and city and tourism activities of the City Government of Baguio in any place as well as in official city gatherings or meetings outside the city.

The resolution stated that the Baguio Hymn should be sung or played after the National Anthem while the Baguio March should be sung or played at any part of the program or activity.

Councilor Fred Bagbagen, main author of the resolution, said the singing of the Baguio anthems will “definitely boost one’s pride as a Baguio City resident and will certainly promote patriotism and camaraderie.”

The recently passed resolution is consistent with a resolution passed by the city council in 1991 requiring the singing of Baguio Hymn during flag raising ceremonies in all public and private schools in the city immediately after the singing of the Philippine National Anthem; before the start of the regular session of the Baguio City Council; official programs; and special activities such as those observed during the Independence Day and Baguio Day which are all sponsored or initiated by the city government.

In 1993, an ordinance was passed by the City Council formally adopting and declaring the musical compositions entitled “Baguio: Haven for All” and “Beautiful Baguio” as the official Baguio Hymn and Baguio March, respectively.

The ordinance directs the singing of the said musical compositions at appropriate intervals in all official programs and special activities initiated or sponsored by the city government including flag raising ceremonies and parades, in public offices, and in public and private schools in the city. -Jordan G. Habbiling