Repair of dilapidated road signs in City pushed

31 August 2021 – City officials recently urged the City Engineering Office (CEO) to rehabilitate, improve or repair the alleged dilapidated or faded road signs installed along the different thoroughfares in the city to serve as added directional signs to motorists, especially those who are new in the city.

Under Resolution No. 415, series of 2021, signed by Mayor Benjamin B. Magalong, local legislators underscored that dilapidated and faded road signs be immediately restored in proper form for hustle-free and safe travel for all motorists, including tourists and residents alike in the different parts of the city.

Earlier, Senior citizens Officials for a Day (SCOFAD) Councilor Alfredo B. Palado, during the SCOFAD session held on October 2, 2017, proposed a resolution calling for the immediate rehabilitation, improvement, or repair of the dilapidated or faded road signs installed along the different thoroughfares in the city.

The body pointed out that road signs are aimed to forewarn and guide motorists, as well as to help regulate the flow of traffic among motor vehicles, pedestrians and others who traverse the various streets, highways and other roadways around the city.

The council admitted there are numerous dilapidated or faded road signs along thoroughfares of the city caused by their alleged exposure to sunlight and rains that result in color fading or discoloration, which even result to the occurrence of untoward incidents along those roads that make the drivers difficult to identify the directions or messages of the installed signs.

The council emphasized that from time to time, the CEO, in close coordination with the public works department, should facilitate the immediate repair and improvement of the dilapidated or faded road signs to prevent untoward incidents involving motorists.

More importantly, the body pointed out that it is important that road signs are visible at all times to ensure to guide motorists through their routes and help significantly reduce the number of road crashes.

While national roads are under the jurisdiction of the public works department, and city and barangay roads are being maintained by the local government, the council suggested to the CEO to take the lead in identifying the areas where the dilapidated or faded road signs are situated and for the concerned offices to start initiating the rehabilitation, repair and improvement of the same from time to time.

The council encouraged the CEO to maximize the use of the allocated maintenance funds to properly repair and improve the existing road signages along roads in the different parts of the city to prevent this deterioration that will expose the public to untoward incidents because the messages of the signages could not be read and to keep all roads in the city to be friendly to motorists. – Dexter A. See