Rabbitry in Irisan granted agri- learning status

Rabbitry in Irisan granted agri- learning status

The Yabut Rabbitry located in Purok 12, Irisan, Baguio City has been granted a Learning Site for Agriculture (LSA) status as certified by the Agricultural Training Institute – Cordillera (ATI-CAR).

The farm is owned by Wilson Yabut who during the onset of the African Swine Fever, actively promoted the consumption of rabbit meat as alternative to pork citing its health benefits and livelihood potentials.

The City Veterinary and Agriculture Office (CVAO) supported the advocacy of Yabut since hog raising is prohibited in the city.

The CVAO subjected Yabut’s farm to a validation in the last quarter of 2021 and assessed its potential as a LSA. After validation and assessment, coordination with ATI-CAR was done by the Agricultural Services Division of the CVAO and assisted Yabut during the application process. All documentary requirements were facilitated, and endorsed by the CVAO to the ATI-CAR.

Fortunately, the Farm Development Plan was approved leading to the grant of the LSA certification.

Aside from the technical assistance provided by the ATI-CAR, financial assistance amounting to P300,000 was also provided to enable the farm owner to realize the proposed farm development/improvement plan.

The CVAO said the farm is practicing applicable agricultural technologies, employing doable farming strategies and operating successfully.

“It will serve as a model to help our small farmers improve their capabilities in the production of rabbits and other by-products,” the CVAO added. – Marcy Tabelin