Put up of P392M youth convergence center to be bided out soon

BAGUIO CITY – (23 February 2021) – The proposed construction of the P392 million youth convergence center within the Baguio Athletic Bowl will be bided out by the local government by the end of March or early April to pave the way for its realization.

City Administrator Bonifacio dela Pen֮a stated that some P341 million will come from the coffers of the city while some P50 million will be shared by the public works department for the put up of the proposed structure to enhance the city’s capability to host the conduct of local, regional, national and international indoor sports competitions aside from proving for a convergence center for the youth where they will be able to hold their numerous activities.

He disclosed that the local government availed of the services of a consultant from the Philippine Sprots Commission (PSC) to ensure that the youth convergence center and indoor sports facilities that will be constructed will be compliant to the prescribed standards that will allow the city to be able to be a venue for various world class sports competitions that will contribute in helping the city recover from the heavy impact of the Corona Virus Disease (COVID) 2019 pandemic.

The city administrator claimed that the constructi8on of the city’s youth convergence center is one of the priority development projects that had been committed by the present administration for the realization of one of its 15-point collective agenda that is for the advancement of the welfare of the youth.

According to him, the plans for the aforesaid project are now being finalized pursuant to the recommendations of the PSC consultant where the same will be subsequently submitted to the city’s Bids and Awards Committee (BAC) for the scheduling of the bidding of the proposed put up of the center.

He admitted that the local government had to avail of the services of a consultant from the PSC to ensure that the prescribed standards for the indoor sports facilities that will be included in the center will conform with the ones being used in international competitions to make sure that the city will be able to host such sports events in the future once that the proposed structure will be completed.

He assured concerned stakeholders that the local government will strictly monitor the implementation of the multi-million project to ensure that the winning contractor will prosecute the project based on the project plans and specifications that had been prepared for the said purpose.

Aside from the youth convergence center that will be constructed within the Baguio Athletic Bowl, the public works department is also pursuing the P45 million expansion of the bleachers to increase the seating capacity of the same and to provide an added area for offices that will be offered for civic organizations among others.

Earlier, the public works department provided for the funds that were used to improve the track oval and the improvement of the bleachers to improve the city’s chances of hosting future sports competitions. – Dexter A. See