July 8, 2021 – Drop-and-go travelers are no longer exempted from Baguio City’s entry requirements.

This after the city noted rampant violations of said privilege given to said traveler classification, mostly private vehicle drivers who must bring in passengers to the city and leave on the same day.

Lawyer Althea Alberto, executive assistant IV of Mayor Benjamin Magalong, said a lot of travelers had been taking advantage of the privilege which included exemption from the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) testing requirement.

“They were supposed to leave the city within the day but our checkpoints have noted that a lot of them were taking the opportunity to stay in the city for more than one day,” Alberto said.

She said these travelers are required to leave identification cards at the checkpoints and claim them upon exit.  However many of them were able to get back their IDs a couple of days or more after their entry.

In view of this, drop and go travelers will now be subjected to the same entry requirements as their passengers based on the city’s travel protocols.

At the same time, the city will also impose requirements for passing-through-only travelers to also address similar problems on privilege abuses.

Passing-through-only travelers who are Authorized Persons Outside Residences (APORs) must present any documentary proof of travel purpose to their destinations such as employment ID, professional ID or travel order issued by their employers.

APORs comprise those: (1) officials, workers, personnel, and agents from both the government and private sectors who are allowed inter-zonal (travel between provinces, highly urbanized cities and independent component cities under different quarantine classifications) and intra-zonal (travel between provinces, highly urbanized cities and independent component cities under the same quarantine classification) travel for purposes of work, industry, or official function; (2) persons traveling for indispensable transactions that require their physical presence (3) and students who are currently enrolled in educational, instructional, and training, institutions that have been permitted to hold limited face-to-face classes.

Non-APORs meanwhile will be required to obtain a QR-coded Tourist Pass (QTP) by registering at

Unlike staying entrants who must wait for the approval of their QTPs before proceeding to the city, passing-through-only travelers will receive their QTPs automatically. – Aileen P. Refuerzo