08 July 2021 – City planning and development office (CPDO) head Archt. Donna Rillera Tabangin presented the final development costs for the rehabilitation of Burnham and Wright Parks during the management committee meeting of local officials, July 6, led by Mayor Benjamin Magalong at Baguio Convention Center.

Total costs for the Burnham Park rehab amount to P3,299,664,591 while that of Wright Park totaled P685,562,655, she disclosed.

Since the city can only afford to complete the projects in phases, she divided both developments into “menus” so that certain areas can be prioritized to be developed based on available funds.

As to Burnham Park, the groupings are as follows:  Burnham Lake, Children’s Playground and Melvin Jones totaling P405,037,605; Ibaloi Park, Igorot Park, Food Park and Picnic grounds, orchidarium, skating rink, Rose Garden, Pine trees of the World at PP2,421,713,876; the tennis court and parking, parking building at P472,913,110.

Wright Park, on the other hand, has the following menus:  Preservation zone composed of a biodiversity area amounting to P117,001,755; Conservation Zone (gazebo, rotunda, pool of pines), P136,008,000; Recreational Zone (Alfresco dining, picnic grounds, lawn/open field) at P79,296,700.

Also included is the Visitor Services and Facility Zone composed of horse stables, parking and commercial stalls amounting to P294,756,200; and Access Zone (trails, sidewalks) at P58,500,000, Tabangin said.

She will also present both development projects to members of the city council for their inputs and possible approval.-Gaby B. Keith