NCCA is now accepting proposals for 2023 competitive grants

NCCA is now accepting proposals for 2023 competitive grants

The National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA), the overall policy-making body, coordinating, and grants giving agency for the preservation development, and promotion of Philippines arts and culture, is now accepting proposals for the 2023 Competitive Grants until August 31, 2022.

Section 12.a.4 of Republic Act. 7356 (NCCA Charter) authorizes the Commission to grant to artists and cultural groups which contribute significantly to the Filipino’s cultural legacy as means to extend artistic achievement. Further, section 13.h of the same law mandates the Commission to administer the National Endowment Fund for Culture and the Arts (NEFCA) and give grants for the development, protection, preservation, and dissemination of Philippine culture and arts.

The NCCA Competitive Grants Program is competitive in nature since the approval of project proposals pass through a rigorous and confidential evaluation process based on merit such as quality and relevance to Commission priorities. The projects are categorized per Subcommissions – Subcommission on the Arts (SCA); Subcommission on Cultural and Traditional Arts (SCCTA); Subcommission on Cultural Dissemination (SCD); and Subcommission in Cultural Heritage (SCH), and proponents interested in implementing projects in each category shall submit a Project Proposal following the requirements and shall be addressed and submitted to:

Program Management Division (PMD)

National Commission for Culture and the Arts

Room 5-C, Fifth, NCCA Building

633 General  Luna Street, Intramuros 1002 Manila, Philippines

Telephone Nos. (02) 8527-2192 (TL)loc. 509

Fax Nos. (02)8527-2198 / (02) 8527-2209 / (02) 8527-2194


Interested proponents can only submit one project proposal; must fully accomplish the prescribed NCCA Project Proposal Form; must indicate and identify the corresponding category where his/her project will fall; must submit the documentary requirements; must be accredited by the Commission as a pre-requisite to the approval of their project proposal; may be accomplished in Filipino or English.

Officials, employees, and Executive Council (ExeCon) Members and their relatives up to the fourth civil degree and consanguinity as well as organizations and institutions where ExeCon Members serve as officers and incorporators are disqualified from submitting proposals. # (PR/PAIO)