Mountain Province BARANGAYanihan: Keeping the culture of “OG-OGFO” alive amidst pandemic

Mountain Province BARANGAYanihan: Keeping the culture of “OG-OGFO” alive amidst pandemic

“Og-ogfo”, a unique term used to describe the culture of “bayanihan” in Mountain Province, is kept alive despite the hardships brought by the COVID-19 pandemic.

One of the most affected are the learners living in the far-flung areas of Mountain Province. With the new learning style combining online lessons and printed modules, students in the far barrios struggle to cope with their studies. Thus, the different Municipal Police Stations has coordinated with the Department of Education, providing manpower support to ensure timely distribution of learning modules for the students.

Through a door-to-door collection and distribution of learning modules in some areas of Sadanga and Sagada, the police has lessened the burden for both the teachers and students. While doing their usual patrolling and infodemic drive in the barangays, cops also take time to tutor learners when requested.

Also, the “Adopt-a-Family” program started last year to provide immediate help to families in need. Mountain Province cops purchased and delivered more than P600K worth of food and grocery items to the 899 beneficiaries, focusing on persons with disabilities, indigent, and elderly identified by the barangay officials. With their “Libreng Sakay” program, 2,325 individuals were ferried for essential activities.

In partnership with the local officials, other government agencies and kindhearted individuals, Barangayanihan were set up by the police stations – “Barangayanihan for iGolinsan” in Besao, and another was brought from Bontoc MPS located in the central barangay to Can-eo, one of the remote barangays in the town. While in the area, the cops also provided “Libreng Gupit” to the residents who wished to have their hair cut.

When the youth of Sabangan put up a pantry with the theme “Share what you can and take what you need”, the local police also donated assorted groceries to support the initiatives of the youth. A clean-up activity was also conducted in Bontoc with youth volunteers.

As the province unite as one to heal and rise from the impacts of the health crisis, the Mountain Province Police with the able leadership of PCOL RUBEN B ANDISO, continues to provide help to the community through their different BARANGAYanihan efforts. (PROCOR RPIO)