Marcos appeals for optional use of Face Shields

Former Sen. Ferdinand ‘Bongbong’ Marcos Jr. is urging the Inter-Agency Task Force on infectious disease to reconsider its decision for the mandatory use of face shields outside of the residence.

Wearing face masks and face shields while in public places, particularly inside malls and similar business establishments, is required as part of the health protocols imposed by the task force in a bid to stem the further spread of the Covid19 virus.

Marcos pointed out that mandatory use of face shields is not supported or endorsed by international health organizations and mental health advocates.

He said, “evidently it is only in our country where the use of face shields is being made compulsory.”

“Ayon sa mga eksperto, ang face shield ay proteksyon para sa mga talsik ng mga biological fluid na maaaring may virus. Pero dahil may puwang sa gilid at sa ilalim nito, maaari pa rin makapasok sa ilong at bibig ang mga droplets na may virus. Isa pa, dun sa open space o well-ventilated na lugar, mababa ang chance ng transmission,” he stressed.

The former senator also sounded off an alarm on the ecological implications of adding more single-use plastics into the country’s worsening waste pollution problem.

He said that the safe disposal of medical wastes during the pandemic is another pressing problem confronting the LGUs garbage collection and management which is being stymied by community quarantine restrictions.

Marcos explained that even advocates from Greenpeace, a non-governmental organization that advocates for environmental protection, are working with local executives to promote zero-waste, through the reduction of usage and sanitary disposal of face masks and face shields, among others.

The former senator said that the “no face mask, no face shield, no entry” policy being implemented in establishments such as malls, is severely affecting the retail industry and hindering the gradual recovery of our economy.

“I believe wearing of face masks at all times while in public places and inside the business establishment, including proper hand-washing, use of alcohol and physical distancing is enough adherence to health protocols,“ the former senator ended. ###