Hedcor maximizes local expertise for Bakun hydro operations this pandemic

With the pandemic resulting in downsizing of employment opportunities, Hedcor is set to provide jobs to Bakun locals while ensuring safety and continued operations of the decade-old plant assets.

The conduct of the regular Plant Maintenance in Hedcor’s 30-year old hydropower plants in Bakun, Benguet is crucial to keep these plants up and running. Moreso, this will generate much-needed jobs and income in the form of contract works which will be awarded to the locals of the Municipality.

Maintenance works include conveyance pipe replacement, weir desilting, wooden pole replacement, and turbine runner preventive maintenance. These are  done regularly to ensure the safety of not only Hedcor’s personnel on site but most importantly of the locals who remain trusting of the renewable energy we provide. The activity also ensures that the assets —hydro facilities and machinery — are in good condition to ascertain Hedcor’s  unhampered operations.

The construction of FLS Hydro, Lower Labay Hydro and Lon-oy Hydro,  and the smooth day-to-day operation of these three Bakun hydro plants since 1991, have been made possible by skilled and dedicated locals. To date, there are 34 locals who are organic Hedcor employees.

“Our commitment is to keep our hydropower plants fit for today’s competitive demands. With our long history of being Bakun’s partner, we are hopeful that, with the LGU’s support, we are able to continue providing assistance to the community in the form of reasonable voluntary shares, direct community projects, as well as Corporate Social Responsibility projects in partnership with Aboitiz Foundation for many years to come”, says Noreen Vicencio, Hedcor Vice President for Corporate Services.

In Hedcor’s 30 year history of operation in Bakun, Hedcor has been the municipality’s biggest investor and the locals’ partner in development, and will continue to be so in spite of the downturns brought by the pandemic. Aligned with our commitment to advance business and communities, Hedcor hopes that with its unhampered operations, the community of Bakun will be aided on its Covid-19 road to recovery. ###