Farmer’s Basket originally caters to Hotels and Restaurants needs, But due to COVID-19 pandemic we have extended our helping hand to provide our clients services that keep them safer.

Also due to this pandemic our local farmers had hard time selling their produce that’s why Farmers Basket along with our City Government officials led by Councilor Philian Weygan-Allan and Mayor Benjamin Magalong, Baguio Market to Home and Barangay Market.

One of the challenges that farmers have in the province is the logistics. We see the struggle of getting their fresh produces to the city without damaging the fruits and vegetables. By bypassing the standard steps in the distribution system that most farmers go through, we reduce the steps. We collaborate with farmers and help them to distribute directly to the city.

Through our online shop and at your doorstep delivery service, we can help farmers to get better profits and improve their livelihood. We stay true to our family philosophy of connecting you to local, trusted sustainable farms and through Farmer’s Basket, we embrace this philosophy.

From seed to doorstep, the produce you receive is the best local selection of fruits and vegetables grown in the most economically and environmentally sustainable way.

With your support, we can help grow local farms and invest back in the local community.

We believe in a transparent food system where customers can make informed choices about the food they buy and eat. Each day, we are humbled to see our company bring together our customers with other local farms. We are part of a food revolution, sharing and building the knowledge of a local, food system.

Farmer’s Basket History

Farmer’s basket fruits and vegetable trading offers the best quality products to all consumers. We always make sure that clients will get what they paid for. And it’s a free delivery, no minimum orders around Baguio Benguet.

We are proud of our excellent service because we consider clients standards and specification of their orders.

At the start of the pandemic, Farmer’s Basket offered farm to table with various kinds of vegetables and fruits to our valued client and has given a free delivery service as a part of helping our farmers and clients. PR /Farmer’s Basket