Empowering Transformation: Pilmico and Gold Coin Group ramp up tech-driven efforts

Empowering Transformation: Pilmico and Gold Coin Group ramp up tech-driven efforts

In Photo: (Left) Greg Canoy, a member of Pilmico’s Corporate Social Responsibility team, streamlined his team’s manual processes, which saved them over 33 hours of manual work. (Right) Edward Lacap, Pilmico’s Assistant Vice President for Robotics, Automation, and Integration, taught basic coding to around 50 team members in Pilmico’s offices nationwide. (Aboitiz Group File Photo)

Pilmico and Gold Coin group (Pilmico) aims to be one of the leading food and agribusiness companies in Asia-Pacific. One of its goals is to become a low-cost producer without compromising the quality of its products while also adding more value to its customers.

In line with their goal and the Aboitiz Group’s “Great Transformation,” Pilmico has embarked on several projects that allow its team members to leverage technology and innovation.

One of the most remarkable programs they have started in 2023 is “TechMate,” headed by Edward Lacap, Pilmico Assistant Vice President for Robotics, Automation, and Integration (RAI). This initiative, led by the RAI team, began with the goal of automating processes and optimizing operations across various departments. Since the project began, 34 processes have been automated in 12 departments—ranging from production to finance and even the corporate and social responsibility teams, among others. This has resulted in a significant reduction in time spent on routine, time-consuming, repetitive manual tasks and led to more accurate data.

Gina Keune, Pilmico First Vice President and Chief Information Technology Officer, expressed her pride in the automation project’s successful run. “I am truly inspired by the dedication and enthusiasm of each of our Techmate trainees. Witnessing the creative solutions and streamlined flows they have developed during this training reaffirms the immense power of automation in driving productivity and enabling us to focus on tasks that truly require expertise and insight,” she said.

TechMate not only helped teams save time and costs but also fostered the Aboitiz Values of “Innovation” and “Teamwork.” This initiative provided an opportunity for Pilmico team members to embrace a student-always mindset by learning new tech-driven skills, such as basic coding and business process streamlining, and to cultivate the culture of teamwork through knowledge sharing across departments.

The TechMate initiative by Pilmico’s RAI team is just one example of the many initiatives within the Aboitiz Group’s food and agribusiness subsidiary. Projects like these play a vital role in equipping the organization with the necessary tools and capabilities to realize its vision of becoming a leading integrated food and agribusiness company. Soon, Pilmico’s “TechMate” will also be rolled out in more sites in other countries. (PR)

About Pilmico & Gold Coin Group

Pilmico and Gold Coin Group is the integrated agribusiness and food company of the Aboitiz Group.

In the Philippines, Pilmico Foods Corporation (Pilmico) is an industry leader in the flour and feed manufacturing sector and a top pork meat supplier. Its four divisions, Flour, Feeds, Farms, and Trading, enable the growth of its stakeholders through consistent quality products and unmatched supporting services.

Their customer reach has also expanded to the Asia Pacific region through Gold Coin Management Holdings, Inc. (Gold Coin), a pioneer in animal nutrition and manufacturing scientifically-based animal feeds in Asia.

With over 3,700 partners across multiple facilities in eight countries, Pilmico and Gold Coin Group form one of Asia’s largest privately-owned agribusinesses.