Creation of the Baguio Cooperative Dev’t Council okayed

Creation of the Baguio Cooperative Dev’t Council okayed

City officials approved an ordinance institutionalizing the Baguio City Cooperative Development Council, defining its composition, functions and responsibilities and appropriating the necessary funds for the said purpose.

Ordinance No. 11, series of 2022, stated that the Baguio City Cooperative Development Council shall coordinate, harmonize and monitor the implementation of various cooperative development plans, programs and projects of national government agencies, government financing institutions, local government units and non-government organizations in the city; operationalize and monitor the Philippine Cooperative Medium-term Development Plans through the collective efforts of all sectors and to develop such mechanisms as may be required in line with the same; to share resources, financial, supplies and equipment, manpower, towards the full realization of such development plans, support, assist, and participate in the holding of cooperative activities such as, but not limited to, the celebration of Cooperative month, scheduled cooperative congress and summits; promote actively and strongly endorse the observance at all times of the universal cooperative principles as enshrined in the Cooperative Code in the performance of the said functions and perform other functions that would advance cooperativism in the city.

The council shall be composed of the Chairperson of the City Development Council; Chairperson of the City Council Committee on Cooperatives, or the committee authorized representatives; Baguio City Livelihood and Cooperative Development Officer; Chairperson of the City Cooperative Federation and Union or their duly authorized representatives; Chairperson of Primary Cooperatives duly registered with the Cooperative Development Authority (CDA) and accredited by the local government, or their duly authorized representatives; official representatives of other non-government organizations with cooperative programs as identified by the CDA and accredited by the local government and official representatives of national government agencies with cooperative programs, including government financial institutions operating in the city.

Further, the members constituting the Baguio city Cooperative Development Council shall elect from among themselves the officers who shall occupy the positions of Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer and Auditor.

The ordinance stipulated that the funds for the council shall primarily be derived from resource sharing without prejudice to the right of the council to receive gifts, donations, benefits and grants from any person, whether natural or juridical,

Moreover, the amount of P200,000 annually shall be appropriated from the annual budget of the local government which shall be specifically and automatically provided for in the annual appropriation ordinance of the city.

The funds as provided by the local government shall be disbursed in accordance with the auditing and procurement rules and regulations of the city.

At present, there are 105 compliant cooperatives in the city with total assets of P8,092,114,260.98, accumulated paid up capital of P2,229,946,502.68 and total net surplus of P136,994,203.18, and had been helpful in the city’ vibrant economy over the past several decades, especially during the prevalence of the pandemic that nearly caused the downfall of the local economy. – Dexter A. See