Council seeks Character –Building Seminars for POSD

The city council during its regular session on December 14 asserted that the personnel of the Peace and Order and Safety Division (POSD) under the City mayor’s Office should be given an opportunity for character building by attending seminars and other related activities.

In a resolution, the council requested the City Human Resource Management Office to look for ways to include the POSD personnel in seminars, job orientations, and other related activities conducted by the city government in order to “professionalize” the enforcement unit.

Asst. CHRM-Officer Edith Dawaten explained there are character-building programs conducted by the city government for its employees, however, the 101 personnel of the POSD are not covered by Civil Service Rules and Regulations as they are under a job order status, and as such, seminars and programs provided by the city government do not apply to them.

City Budget Officer Leticia Clemente also explained that there was an attempt to convert the personnel’s status from “job order” to “casual” in 2018, however, it did not materialize. Because of their job order status, the city government cannot provide the POSD personnel assistance and other benefits as there is no employer-employee relationship between them and the city government, Clemente added.

The city officials, however, agreed that there should be a move to regularize the POSD personnel who are under job order status.

Councilor Benny Bomogao argued that the city government should be more flexible and “creative” in finding ways to provide benefits for the POSD personnel.

“They (POSD personnel) provide direct services to the city. The POSD has critical roles in enforcing our city ordinances. They serve as force multipliers. The police and the barangay officials cannot do all the work, so we need the help of the POSD. We should also care for them by giving them the necessary training,” Bomogao stressed.

The council members recalled that there was a proposed ordinance filed by then Councilor Edgar Avila seeking to create the Mayor’s Anti-Crime Task and Security Force in lieu of the POSD. The proposal sought to “clothe” such unit under the Mayor’s Office with legal authority and to define its mission, functions, and responsibilities in coordination with other concerned offices in coordination with other concerned offices in order to effectively combat crimes and other violations of city ordinances.

The said proposed ordinance is pending before the city council’s Committee on Peace and Order.

Vice Mayor Faustino Olowan said the proposed ordinance will be referred to the executive department for its refinement.

Meanwhile, Councilors Mylen Victoria Yaranon and Lilia Farinas moved for the revisit of all city ordinances in which the POSD are deputized as enforcers and for the review of the Implementing Rules and Regulations of these ordinances as to the POSD’s functions and the delimitation of its powers. -Jordan G. Habbiling