“Clean as you go” practice in Baguio, pushed

“Clean as you go” practice in Baguio, pushed

The City Council, during last Monday’s regular session, approved on first reading a proposed ordinance institutionalizing the Clean-as-you-go practice in all food serving establishments in the city and providing penalties for violation of the said measure.

The ordinance authored by Councilor Elmer Datuin stated that all owners, proprietors, and managers of restaurants, fastfood chains, cafeterias, eateries, bakeries, coffee shops, canteens, food outlets, and all similar food establishments and public eating places in the city will be required to initiate and institutionalize measures and programs within their own establishments to encourage the practice of clean-as-you-go by their customers.

Under the proposed ordinance, the aforesaid establishments will be required to install signages and other promotional materials on the clean-as-you-go within the premises of their establishments; provide a minimum of 3 garbage bins for biodegradable, non-biodegradable and recyclable materials pursuant to Ordinance No. 18, series of 2016 otherwise known as the City Environment  Code and Ordinance No. 16, series of 206 otherwise known as the Solid Waste Ordinance of the City and provide a designated area where customers can place their return trays and other used non-disposable table waters such as those made from ceramic, plastic, metal, and glass among others and provide basic cleaning supplies such as tissue, washed clothes near the depository areas.

However, the ordinance claimed the fine dining restaurants that provide for fancier menu, elegant or formal atmosphere, and food handling services as an added premium to their customers or dinners will be exempted from the coverage of the proposed measure.

The ordinance mandated the City Health Services Office (CHSO) to conduct regular inspections of all those establishments under the ordinance to ensure their compliance to the said policy.

Any offender who fails to comply with the provisions of the ordinance shall be meted the penalty of a fine of P500 and the issuance of the notice of violation for the first offense; a fine of P1,000 and issuance of the notice of violation for the said offense and a fine of P2,000 and issuance of notice of violation for the third and succeeding offenses.

The ordinance tasked the City Public information Office to cause the widest dissemination of the pertinent provisions of the measure through the social media and other means of information dissemination for the proper information of the public.

Further, the establishments covered under the provisions of the measure shall be given at least 90 days grace period within which they have to comply with the prescribed provisions in the implementation of the clean-as-you-go policy.

By practicing the so-called clean as you go policy, the ordinance stipulated that the same will demonstrate right manners and conduct through proper dining etiquette, hygiene and the value of cleanliness by making it a habit of the people to do so.

Aside from the said practice, the ordinance claimed that it will also promote common courtesy to each and every customer as well as foster a collaborative effort between customers and the food establishment personnel. – Dexter A. See