City’s ‘Denguerra’ (War against Dengue) campaign showing positive results as cases decrease

The city government’s aggressive ‘Denguerra’ (War Against Dengue) campaign is finally reaping positive results according to a local health official.

During the regular management committee meeting of local officials led by Mayor Benjamin Magalong at City Hall, July 19, City Health Services Office (CHSO) head Dr. Rowena Galpo said the number of local dengue cases have been steadily declining for the past three weeks.

She disclosed that three weeks ago (week 26), the Summer Capital recorded a total of 183 dengue cases; two weeks ago (week 27) it was 174; and last week (week 28) the number of dengue cases dropped to 107 with no deaths recorded.

The city recorded a total number of 937 dengue cases so far with one death as compared to 420 cases for the same period last year logging five deaths due to the mosquito-transmitted disease, Galpo said.

She is advising anyone encountering the following symptoms–fever, headache, rashes, joint pains, vomiting, and fatigue– to immediately consult their nearest health center, clinic or hospital for possible dengue infection while a dengue fast lane is located at the Baguio General Hospital and Medical Center.

Several weeks ago, the city government spearheaded by the CHSO in collaboration with barangay officials launched its ‘Denguerra’ (War Against Dengue) campaign led by the Mayor as an intensive search and destroy activity of mosquito breeding sites conducted every Thursday in various barangays.

Participants emptied and overturned containers, cans, bottles, receptacles and others that could turn into breeding places for mosquitoes that may carry the deadly dengue strain.

Despite the decrease in cases, officials are asking residents to continue doing their part in the ongoing ‘Denguerra’ campaign by seeking and destroying mosquito breeding sites in their respective households and environs. – Gaby B. Keith