City records hike in solo parents

City records hike in solo parents

The City Social Welfare and Development Office (CSWDO) reported that the local government continues to record an increase in the number of solo parents in the city which is an indication of their desire to come out in the open and be recognized for them to be able to avail of the services being offered to them.

Acting Assistant City Social Welfare and Development Officer Cynthia Langagan said that for the first semester of 2023, there were already 548 registered solo parents in the city which is higher by around 21 percent compared to the 450 solo parents recorded last year.

Further, there are more female solo parents with 508 compared to the males who are around 40.

She claimed there are two categories of solo parents, Class A or those who are considered to be living above the poverty line and Class B or those who are living below the poverty line.

Based on the data from the CSWDO, there are more solo parents belonging to Class B or those living below the poverty line with 369 while those living above the poverty line are around 179.

On the other hand, Langagan disclosed that most of the solo parents belong to the 40-49 age bracket numbering 228 followed by those belonging to the 30-39 age bracket at 146, 50-59 age bracket – 117, 18-29 age bracket – 44 and 50 years old and above age bracket – 13.

She added that most of the solo parents numbering 230 are said to be single or those who had not been married, followed by those who are widows and widowers with 157, those who are married but already separated although they are still considered to be legally married – 138, those who are legally separated – 14 and those who have annulled marriages – 6 and those who have been divorced overseas – 3.

Langagan disclosed that the solo parents are being closely monitored by the assigned social workers to ensure their adherence to the guidelines governing the implementation of the Enhance Solo Parents Act, especially the annual renewal of their solo parents identification card, thus, their status as solo’s parents is being monitored to ensure that they are the ones that are raising their families.

She admitted that there had been incidents where there were solo parents who got their identification cards from the said office but were discovered during the monitoring that they are living with their respective partners which are in violation of the guidelines of the law.

Langagan stated that the solo parents belonging to Class B are the ones that will enjoy greater privileges, especially in the availability of the social services from the government, pursuant to the Solo Parents Welfare law. – Dexter A. See