City okays 10 more barangay budgets for 2023

City okays 10 more barangay budgets for 2023

Mayor Benjamin Magalong signed two city council resolutions granting favorable reviews to 10 barangay budgets for fiscal year 2023 pursuant to provisions of the Local Government Code of 1991, as amended.

Resolution no. 292, series of 2023, grants favorable review to the budgets of San Vicente and Bakakeng Central barangays.

Meanwhile, resolution no. 293, series of 2023, does the same for the barangay budgets of North Sanitary Camp, Manuel Roxas, Kayang Extension, Gen. Emilio F. Aguinaldo (GEFA)-Lower QM, Session-Gov. Pack Road, Leonila Hill (West Bayan Park), Harrison-Carantes-Claudio, and San Antonio Village.

The City Budget Officer forwarded for review of the local legislature the said preliminary reviewed annual and supplemental budgets.

In its 2nd indorsement dated May 15, this year, the august body’s committee on barangay affairs recommended favorable review of the mentioned barangay budgets.

Both measures order the return of the barangay budgets to the City Budget Office for implementation. – Gaby B. Keith