11 June 2021 – As to President Rodrigo Duterte’s pronouncement of the city’s General Community Quarantine (GCQ) status, restrictions in Baguio are imposed up to the end of June.

Said restrictions were clarified by Executive Assistant to Mayor Benjamin Magalong, Atty Althea Alberto, during the city executives’ management committee meeting after the status’ announcement.

There shall be restrictions for interzonal and intrazonal travel from the National Capital Region (NCR) bubble plus areas (Bulacan, Cavite, Laguna and Rizal), though allowed for both essential and travel for leisure. As to existing rules including that of IATF-EID resolution 118-A, the Local Government of Baguio as destination imposes online registration; for essential travelers, and for tourists; and Covid-19 testing; either antigen at the Baguio Convention Center triage, or saliva test at Melvin Jones, Burnham during Tuesdays only with advance registration online, or RT-PCR at the Baguio General Hospital. The tests are paid for by the travelers or tourists.

Intrazonal travel within the NCR bubble plus areas are allowed for age groups 18-65 only, as to the advisory. Individuals outside of said age group, however, may be allowed outside for necessities such as food, medicine or for work. Arrangements for the elderly to work at home, however may be done.

In Baguio, staycation in authorized and certified Department of Tourism (DOT)-accredited accommodation establishments are allowed, including 50% capacity for indoor dining. Contact tracing interoperability and staysafe applications are recommended for establishment protection and citizen application. The safety seal for establishments may be acquired through application and inspection of authorities; as to their compliance to health standards, Alberto said.

Accommodation establishments, during GCQ status, may accommodate up to 30 %, as long as guests are from the same household and that the minimum health standards (MHS) are continually monitored by the LGU, Alberto added.            

As to DOT advisory 06-2021; Certification of Authority to Operate (CAO) for staycation establishments in GCQ areas, guests need not come from same household. This came from higher authority’s orders.

As to religious activities, wakes, weddings and baptism; areas under GCQ are allowed 30% use of the venue, but the LGU may increase capacity at 50%, Alberto said. Compliance to minimum health standards still apply. 

Private social gatherings in leased venues, halls and establishments, need not be inspected by the Health Services Office and the City Mayor’s Office approval if a safety seal certification is issued, with the establishment certified for compliance to health standards.

Outdoor non-contact sports are also allowed, with indoor sports, venues and indoor tourist attractions open at 50%, as with meetings, conferences, exhibitions, personal care services (salons, parlors, beauty clinics, etc), including outdoor tourist attractions.

Revisions or addition to the restrictions are awaited, or a lifting before the end of June, as may be deemed proper by the authorities. – juliegfianza